Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Deep Venous Thrombosis More Condition_symptoms How To Overcome APA And Have A Healthy Pregnancy And Baby Next Time?

How to overcome APA and have a healthy pregnancy and baby next time? - deep venous thrombosis more condition_symptoms

I am a woman of 30 years to the Indians. Married in 2004, had an abortion is not drafted in 2004 and after a year in 2006, which underwent a stillbirth due to diaphragmatic hernia before the end of 20 weeks, pre-eclampsia - 170/120, deep vein thrombosis, one was taking anticoagulants, oral and IV Designed in 2007, before the first onset of severe pre-eclampsia before suffered severe oligohydramnios, stillbirth from 24 weeks. HSP 240/140, Docs find ABS, pls let me know how I can overcome them. Blood tests will be taken not recognized, lupus anticoagulant, factor V Leiden, Factor II 2020 - Normal, Normal MTHFR mutation, IgG anti-cardiolipin IgM negative border.


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