Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Online Football Strategy Games What Are Some Good Online Multiplayer Managerial/strategy/coaching Games?

What are some good online multiplayer managerial/strategy/coaching games? - online football strategy games

Not sure if anyone familiar with this game, but I play www.monsterbowl.net in general.
It was the best combination of text based on the strategy and (management decisions and a series of 2-dimensional viewer for the game itself even if you could control the game - they do not want to see their team on the basis of many tactics, alignments, etc., etc., which you have decided for them before the game, lead) ...

Well, it seems that the game is to be done now, and I look forward to other games that are similar in nature.
NO FOOTBALL (European Football) Games ... I hate football!

Sports preffered game, but I also like a war games ...

Here are the characteristics that I try, even if not all are necessary:

* Free to play (IST)
* Heavy-based strategy
* Aspect Coaching - Development of good players, skills, levelup, tactics, operations, facility upgrades, injuries, wages, etc. ..
* Price Statistics for team members.
* The text is not only ... If a game viewer, or 2-D interface for a party.


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