Friday, January 8, 2010

Amana Refrigerator Water Filter What's Wrong With The Water Dispenser In My Refrigerator?

What's wrong with the water dispenser in my refrigerator? - amana refrigerator water filter

Water was abandoned. The ice maker still works. I have the filter, no change. It is an Amana, about 8 years.


annonymo... said...

/ Maybe there is one in the pipe that goes to the water cooler curve? Check ob

Thor said...

Please check your settings. The water dispenser is cooled in the lower back of the refrigerator and in the winter, when the setting is too cold it can freeze.

This is the most common reason for this effect. I often see the freezer is max.

If the freezer is too cold can cold air past the bar at the bottom and freeze deposits. It is both the configuration of matter.

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