Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gambling Poker Machine How Do I Go About Quitting Gambling For Good ?

How do I go about quitting gambling for good ? - gambling poker machine

past 4 weeks I've played my entire salary on video poker machines. I need to find a way to stop it.


PicksCho... said...

I tell you what!
I have to smoke one years of my life ... and I'm addicted! I could not stop! Then, one day after buying a pack of cigarettes and I opened it, and I wanted the first Smoke ... Guess what?? I threw the package from scratch!

and you do not smoke!

Then the game! So do not go to your local gaming experience or suspend your account on your online bookers. Stay away from the Games, Paris can make it last!

Do not think the game will help support centers to 100%
I think the desire to stop smoking is in itself and that is where you start ...

allforno... said...

Whenever you want to play, strongly Imagine absolutely nothing .... And how do you feel?

Pseudogo... said...

Get a firewall to block all sites of favorite games. Join GA (Gamblers Anonymous). Do not go to cities where gambling is allowed, and not connected with people with problem gambling.

lightnin... said...

away from the palace of the game and give all your money and give their lives to God and work for a church for shelter and food

use 2b light said...

if u click on my name and leave a msg
Maybe I can help

Banana G said...

not only. so simple

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