Monday, January 18, 2010

Inboard Props Is A Jet Unit As Fuel Efficient As An Inboard Prop Setup On A 19ft Ski Boat?

Is a jet unit as fuel efficient as an inboard prop setup on a 19ft ski boat? - inboard props

Sleekline Studies 19ft a jet boat for water skiing and leisure. I told the seller that he has approximately $ 80 of unleaded every day, and a family friend, a 18ft ski boat prop Board said its also uses about $ 80 fuel, before he knew what the boat used.

Our two friends in the boat and we are looking to buy marinized 350 "Chev, with the only difference being that the vessel head alloy and shorter working hours, however. I am on the effectiveness of jet-skis, how skeptical projects much higher bills for fuel storage aboard a ski boat prop.

Both boats are equally effective (15% of them), is a bluff or seller? If so, how much is less effective a boat on the inside compared to a prop?


mark t said...

No, the planes 20-30% less effective.

hello said...

no. the reaction unit has its place, but if not the most important issue is efficiency.

In fact, the only real city in response unit on a boat in shallow water. someone who knows what to run their cars one of the 4 "of water or less and for short distances, there are ways to secure by what looks like solid ground to run.

However, besides the loss of efficiency means higher fuel consumption, reduce the speed, etc.. there is a reason that rarely in the boats.

Texas said...

I took a trip on a boat and it was pretty funny, and the boat can be shallow and reactive cross one of the very fast and is probably cheaper than a hovercraft for a little run diverted the equivalent qualifications.

Havoc Squad said...

No, the fuel that is not based on a jet of water as effectively as the inside or the interior / drive system based abroad.

While there are ways to "easily" increase efficiency, such as switching to a high-performance engine, or by other means, but not close enough to go efficiency.

In short, the same model year and manufacturer of 350 against 350 to board a jet boat V8 and V8 inside / outboard conventional inboard or I / O is to always win.

Take it from someone who in many different types of boats and personal watercraft a lot, was certainly a marked difference in performance and efficiency.

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