Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dunhill Pursuit What Is The Motorcycle In The Dunhill Pursuit TV Advertisment?

What is the motorcycle in the Dunhill Pursuit TV advertisment? - dunhill pursuit

I think it is a true classic has to be able to determine that the flashes from the very limited, the same in the notice.

If I make a guess, I would say a glass of Norton, but that time is money from the tank, like everything else.


MotoMan said...

The scenes of the city seems to Norton (30's vintage have). The color scheme on the gas cap and a steering damper part of the mid-30th Norton Manx Since it is 2 meters instead of 1, is probably the international model. Part of the slope of the announcement could be a modern motorcycle through the scenes of the city. To deal with the exception of one individual. The driver makes his right foot on the ground as if he were not in full control of the bike. Is this a great model horse on the head, or with old bicycle tires, road show that disgust is dirt? Maybe both.

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