Friday, January 29, 2010

What Aperiod Looks Like Can You Have Aperiod During Your Pregancy And Still Have Ahealthy Baby?

Can you have aperiod during your pregancy and still have ahealthy baby? - what aperiod looks like

I would not say one point. Some women have bleeding. Some are dark some are pink. If there is something that is red, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. But if the experience of the brown or pink, it should work.


mommy2ka... said...

No, you have been through a period during pregnancy ... If you are discovered, bleeing, you should immediately contact your DR or to the hospital ..... could lead to a miscarriage.

Yarro Pilz said...

You can not have a "period" during pregnancy because they are not ovulating and bring no experience hormonal surges that the shedding of the endometrium.

Some people have bleeding during pregnancy - including periodic bleeding similar to what was a time - and some have gone to deliver healthy babies.

However, bleeding during pregnancy is not normal, and each case must be checked by your obstetrician-gynecologists or emergency room.

~Zaida~ said...

You do not have a period while you are Pregnets.

Anonymous said...

If you have any bleeding during pregnancy, you should call your doctor. It could be a sign that the hormones they need in order to have not started on your system, or the signal of a low-lying placenta. Other things. Call your doctor.

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