Sunday, January 17, 2010

Short Term Apartment Rental Can I Get A Short-term Rental Apartment In Los Angeles?

Can I get a short-term rental apartment in Los angeles? - short term apartment rental

Hello, I have a vaction m extended by one month, and I wonder whether there is a site that Delt with short-term postings in Los Angeles


Sara L said...

Try Craigslist. You will find a lot of people are trying to sublet their places.

Also, try the Mayfair Hotel. I had a friend who lived there for several months, and monthly rates are very reasonable. ...

boogeywo... said...

Oakwood Apartments complex is in Los Angeles and have shorter stays available.

ctelly22 said... check. This includes all apartments, short and long term.

chanda said...

The best and cheapest way is to rent a timeshare, which can be a lot of points this way you get all the villas, where you want.

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