Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chaos Black Pokemon List Can Anyone Give Me A List Of Pokemon Chaos Black Characters Please?

Can anyone give me a list of Pokemon Chaos Black characters please? - chaos black pokemon list

My son needs a list of all the Pokemon that appears to be in Chaos Black and Quartz, if anyone can help that would be great:)


Mega freak said...

Yes there is. But something you should know is that these games are illegal copies of pokemon and violates international copyright laws. In addition to these games, literally, can not be beaten.

If your child really needs to see a list for this game just to get Google.

To ensure you do not buy more illegal gambling, see the article on this page.


Matthew W said...

Pokemon Chaos Black and Quartz-No. Rumors before Diamond and Pearl were released, they were asked, even then there are no games.

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