Thursday, February 11, 2010

Diabetes Pump Bags Diabetes And Amusement Parks?

Diabetes and Amusement Parks? - diabetes pump bags

That happened to me recently, and I wonder if it happened to someone else ... and what to do?

I went to Busch Gardens not long ago with my diabetes care in a small bag (meter, glucose gel, glucagon kit, an additional pump infusion set). When I started to queue for a roller coaster, the person told me that the entry is not online bag could pose. I told him that I was diabetic and that the bag contains everything you in case of an insulin reaction. I told him very clearly that the bags come with me. I was not going for an hour in the queue to extreme heat, without supplies and without water bottle. I told him that I would leave the bag on the ramp area and I was responsible. After much back and forth, I have finally given up. That really bothers me. I needed these supplies with me, but I do not care.

Has it happened to someone?



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