Thursday, February 18, 2010

Queen Comforter Sets Can A Full Comforter/sheet Set Fit A Queen Bed?

Can a full comforter/sheet set fit a queen bed? - queen comforter sets

I try to buy a brand new bed, but my favorite (also for sale) comes out fully only in a double. I checked the dimensions, but I am not sure yet because I do not buy and not in shape. then not be able to return it. Please help! Thank you!


toorie said...

not for the bow, the Comforter, which is likely to happen but I would not lose money.

Arthur Keith said...

A quilt is full size not less fit than the queen, with a double bed.

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Kathy R said...

This website will help you need to know before buying a down comforter. To find the best bed in his room to visit this website.

j3llyb3@... said...

The most likely not match that. I have a queen sheet set, I have found in my bed and was much bigger than the mattress.

Judy said...

N Comforter Set size of the sheet name does not fit a queen-size bed. I have already tried, and it is not big enough.

KristenK said...

No, a full-size sheets / comforter is less than a queen. Blessings

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