Friday, February 19, 2010

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On The Inside Of A Microwave How Do You Make YOUR Special Hot Chocolate? (More Questions Inside, Be Warned)?

How Do You Make YOUR Special Hot Chocolate? (More Questions Inside, Be Warned)? - what kind of paint do you use on the inside of a microwave

Use milk, water, or some kind of opportunity .. Juice?
Use your Ovaltine, Nesquik, Hershey syrup, cocoa powder or another, such as Swiss Miss?
Use your grill marshmallows? If so, what kind? Big, little color? How?
When the chocolate has, before or after the microwave?
As long as the microwave?
Do you have other ingredients such as cream, strawberry paste, etc.?
Do you have a favorite cup?
Drinking can be immediately suspended or? It Depends?


Normally, the use of skimmed milk, heat in my microwave for 1 minutes and 32 seconds, then add a little powder Nesquik, Stir It Up, let it sit for a while and then only for him.

If I have a cold or allergies, I use water.
\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ U0026lt;br> I have a favorite cup, I have made two says one, "the only person in this world who knows what really happened" and the other has a picture of the fair on him.

I use marshmallows and whipped cream, if any, and if I want to get pampered. I use two tablespoons of cream and a few marshmallows.

(if I do that I mean it)

I am interested to know how to make hot chocolate!
The combination of the most interesting or the combination sounds delicious receive the best answer (:


Ladyitch said...

I start with whole milk in my oversized cup, nuclear energy for 2 minutes, then add a lot of Hershey syrup until it is too dark. Then I stir in a cup Kahlua liqueur Garnish with mini marshmallows. It is something that we expect that the first snowflakes fall from the sky.

Be added, add a touch of mint snapback delicious hot chocolate, too.
I just tried a mix that was seasoned Pan Aroma snapper, Kahlua and vodka with chocolate mousse, served on ice, it was very good but a little as you like. Remember, responsible alcohol use.

Meow. said...

I like Swiss Miss, or when I'm angry, shaved milk chocolate is melted.

I love little marshmallows in it. This Snowman Christmas Cup I,

εїз TANYA εїз said...

I like Abuelita) (Mexican chocolate, I do it with condensed milk, a little water and cinnamon stick

JOSEPH A said...

It is very serious about their hot chocolate. Cocoa powder, sugar and milk, is in the kitchen, how I roll.

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