Monday, February 15, 2010

Narcolepsy Can You Help With Narcolepsy And Possible Catoplexy?

Can you help with narcolepsy and possible catoplexy? - narcolepsy

Shortly before going to sleep if I do not at the same time every day, I hear his narcolepsy. Now I feel I can not move, paralyzed in their sleep, but not a dream. Ifyou have one or both can give me some advice on what you can do to make it better.


wezy5315... said...

First, you said that you have narcolepsy or catoplexy. You must have a lung specialist to see also a certified specialist in sleep. Only then, after a series of tests have a definite diagnosis. Drugs can be taken, it is only by prescription. They should not be treated lightly. I understand your concern and frustration. My husband Pickwickian syndrome sleep apnea. Pickwick is very similar to narcolepsy. He is much better now that he followed in the care of a physician and their advice. Ask your doctor and ask for a referral, because they tend to see about a month, a. Best of luck.

forgotmy... said...

A. To a doctor or Rent cry himself as a sergeant in the throat when close my eyes.

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